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My Shocking Christmas in Sydney

Prior to our trip, Shannon and I decided to part ways over Christmas. I wanted to experience Christmas in Australia, and Shannon wanted the opportunity to spend time with her family after the first leg of our travels in Asia and New Zealand. Upon sharing our decision with family and friends, I was faced with […]

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5 things I’m glad I packed

Almost 2 months into the trip and there are certain things in my limited packing space that I could passionately high-five myself for bringing. 1. Microfiber (no VPL) knickers from M&S Yes, my extensive research into undergarments pre-travelling actually turned out to be very useful. So much so that when I spotted an M&S in […]

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Crabby in Krabi

After finishing our jam-packed 4-week Indochina Discovery tour with Gadventures we were looking forward to relaxing on some of Thailand’s most beautiful tropical beaches. Turns out that when you travel in wet season the 30 degree sunshine isn’t always guaranteed. For 5 days we were in Ao Nang, for 4 days it rained non-stop. By […]

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